Testing Center ISA Exams

We are now offering the ISA exam at the BYUH Testing Center. You must arrange for it in advance.

(1) Review the Instructional Handout

This instructional handout (3p pdf) will help you set up your account so you can take the ISA Exam. This takes a few minutes and must be done before the administrator can authorize you to take the exam.

It is especially important when you are testing at the testing center, because in case of trouble nobody will be able to help you. You will just have to reschedule.

(2) Register with ISEDUCATION.ORG

Do this only once. If you have forgotten your password, see Bro Colton to get it back. Don't register twice.

Create Your ISA Testing Account Visit http://iseducation.org/. Find the heading that says ``Don't have a CCER account?'' and click on the link to create an account.

They will email you a password so you can log in.

We must verify your registration before you can take a test.

(3) Read the Exam Instructions sheet

Click on this paragraph to see the sheet you will be given at the testing center.

(4) Select a Date and Time

Have your instructor arrange for the test to be available at that time. Please give us a few hours to get the test set up for you.

(5) Go to the Testing Center

Pick up your instruction sheet at the Testing Center window. Go to a computer. Log in to ISEDUCATION.ORG. Register up for your test. Take your test.

You must start within the one-hour window specified. If you do not start by the end of that window, your exam is automatically cancelled.

Contact Don Colton for more information.