BYUH Testing Center ISA Exams

If you are taking the ISA exam at the BYUH testing center, click here for more information.

Free Food, Free Certification Test

Once again, in 2005, the IS department is hosting free food and free certification testing.

Who Can Participate?

You must be an IS Major or an IS Minor or taking an IS Class to get this deal. Past IS graduates are also invited.

Information Systems Analyst (ISA) Exam

The Information Systems department at Brigham Young University Hawaii has adopted the ISA exam as part of its educational assessment efforts.

The Information Systems Analyst (ISA) Exam is a product of CCER, the Center for Computing Education Research.

CCER is a division of the ICCP Education Foundation, which is a part of ICCP, the Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals.

BYUH Preparation Instructions

This instructional handout (3p pdf) will help you set up your account so you can take the ISA Exam. This takes a few minutes and must be done before the administrator can authorize you to take the exam. You should do this before the day of the exam, so it does not cut into your test-taking time.

Create Your ISA Testing Account

*** Note: you are not allowed to create more than one ISA account. One reason is that it would allow you to take the test more than once in a 30-day period. Another is that we need all of your scores to be under the same account. If you forgot your password or the email address you used to create your first account, please contact Bro Colton to get your old information. Then log in and update things that might have changed, such as your email address or last name. ***

To create an account, visit Find the heading that says ``Don't have a CCER account?'' and click on the link to create an account.

Please capitalize your name properly. Not "john doe" but "John Doe."

If you have not graduated from BYUH, then your proper educational category is "Undergraduate in progress" (not "Undergraduate complete".) Undergraduate means you are not in graduate school (for a PhD or Masters).

After your account is created, there is a separate process where a faculty member must review your account and mark it as validated. If we see that you already have an account, we are not allowed to validate the new one. We have to delete it. You must use the old one.

CCER's Official ISA Study Guide

Visit then click on 'Exam Review - Question Objectives'

Contact Don Colton for more information.