General Tutorials

Tutoring in the CS Department (6 pages): Discusses tutoring from both the student's point of view and the tutor's point of view. Required reading for tutors. Recommended reading for students.

CS 101 Tutorials

Precedence Tutorial (3 pages): Reviews the order of operations for expressions like 3+2*5. Includes a discussion of integer divide and remainder. Includes a discussion of AND and OR.

printf Tutorial (5 pages): The printf function is a powerful device for printing numbers and other things stored in variables. With this power there is a certain amount of complexity. Taken all at once, the complexity makes printf seem almost impossible to understand. But the complexity can be easily unfolded into simple features, including width, precision, signage, justification, and fill. By recognizing and understanding these features, printf will become a useful and friendly servant in your printing endeavors.

CS 201 Tutorials

Regular Expressions Tutorial (4 pages): A practical treatment (not theoretical) including material on character classes and multipliers.

CGI (Common Gateway Interface) Tutorial (7 pages): CGI programming is fun and interesting. It gives us the ability to let others run our programs from anywhere in the Internet. It lets us carry out eCommerce. We review HTML, including forms and tables. We learn how to structure a non-interactive CGI program so that it simulates a conversation, working in multiple steps. We learn how to maintain data from one screen to another. We look at an important way to prevent hackers from misleading our programs.

mySQL Database Tutorial (7 pages including lab assignment sheet): Presents the basics of SQL and the Perl DBI interface to mySQL.

Big Oh Tutorial (3 pages): Focus on simple (non-recursive) programs with special emphasis on loops, linear time, log time, n squared, etc.

Adobe Acrobat

These tutorials are presented in Adobe Portable Document Format (Acrobat Reader format). You can download and install the free Acrobat Reader from the Adobe web site.