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BYUH Catalog Entry: IT 280. Computer Networking (3) (F, W, S) End-user fundamentals including local area networks, home networks, wireless networks, routers, firewalls, ports, address sharing, dynamic host configuration, OSI model, IPv4, netmasks, subnets, and troubleshooting.

Course Syllabus and Major Resources

Text: Networking 101: An Introduction To Networking, by Don Colton
Skills: Quizzes testing skill with Numbers, Subnets, VLSM
LMS: DCQuiz Learning Management System (Gradebook / Exams)

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2015-16 Winter(Nov-Feb) Syllabus Study Guide
2015 Fall(Aug-Oct) Syllabus Study Guide
2015 Summer(Apr-Jun) Syllabus Study Guide
2015 Winter(Jan-Apr) Syllabus Study Guide
2014 Fall(Sep-Dec) Syllabus Study Guide
2014 Summer A(Apr-Jun) Syllabus Study Guide
2013 Fall(Sep-Dec) Syllabus Study Guide
2013 Summer(Apr-Aug) Syllabus Study Guide
2013 Winter(Jan-Apr) Syllabus Study Guide
2012 Fall(Sep-Dec) Syllabus Study Guide
2012 Summer(Apr-Aug) Syllabus Lab 2
2012 Winter(Jan-Apr) Syllabus Lab 2
2011 Fall(Sep-Dec) Syllabus Lab 2
2011 Winter(Jan-Apr) Syllabus Study Guide
2008 Winter(Jan-Apr) Syllabus Study Guide More Below
2007 Fall(Aug-Dec) Syllabus Study Guide More Below
2006 Winter(Jan-Apr) Syllabus More Below
2005 Fall(Aug-Dec) Syllabus

Text Book (n101): Networking 101

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Title: Networking 101: An Introduction To Networking
Author: Don Colton
PDF: 275+ pages
Publisher: Don Colton (2012-2013)
ISBN: none
Suggested Retail Price: Free

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SN (q25) Skill with Number Conversion Tutorial
SS (q50) Skill with IPv4 Subnets Tutorial
SV (q52) Skill with VLSM Subnets Tutorial

Don Colton CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate

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I am CCNA certified (Sep 8, 2010 through Sep 8, 2013).

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