IS Department Tutoring

Students in IS classes have four main sources of tutoring.

1. Talk to your friends in the same class.

2. Visit the IS tutors in GCB 143.

3. Visit the CS tutors in GCB 101.

4. Visit your professor during office hours or at other times.

IS Tutors

The IS tutors are located in GCB 143, across from the men's restroom in the central hallway of GCB. A schedule should be posted on or near the door.

The IS tutors specialize in assisting with IS 100, 110, 190, 220, 240, 250, 280, 290, and higher classes.

Nikie Reyes
IS 100, 178, 190, 240, 290
Mon/Wed 7pm-10pm

Pramol Ban
Systems Administrator
IS 250, 350, 386

Barry Bjork
Systems Administrator
IS 220, 240, 280, 389
Wed 3pm-6pm
Thu 6pm-9pm

CS Tutors

The CS tutors are located in GCB 101. Their typical hours start at 3 PM daily, and run until 1 AM Monday through Thursday night (actually Tuesday through Friday morning, if you want to be technical). Fridays they are typically open until 8 PM. For the exact hours, please check around the door of GCB 101 for a posting showing what times and people will be there.

The CS tutors specialize in assisting students taking CS 101, CS 201, and CS 202, as well as MATH 201 and MATH 202, but they also assist with CS 301 and higher classes, depending on their personal experience.

Michelle Crouch Salomons

Daniel McCallum

Nate Fishler

Jayson Catubay

CS Systems Administrators

The CS systems administrators are located in GCB 107, which is actually just an equipment closet. If the door is open, look in there. If not, look in GCB 101 where they often hang out.

The CS systems administrators can reset your CS password, or create a CS account for you, or resolve other CS account issues including quota issues and login problems.

Kenny Wong
Systems Administrator

Scott Mikolyski
Systems Administrator (asst)


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