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Information Systems Department

Aloha IS Student,

The IS Department is pleased to recognize excellent performance in its students that are established achievers, and to encourage excellent performance by its students that are newly joining the ranks of achievers.

One major way we recognize excellent performance is by monetary scholarships.

Apply Here

The School of Computing is hosting the scholarship application web page. You can find it here. To be considered for a scholarship, you must apply (the usual method), or you must be nominated by a member of the scholarship committee (very rare).

Current MAP

To be awarded a scholarship, you must be an official IS major, and have an up-to-date and complete MAPPER map on file. Up-to-date means that you personally (not just your advisor) have filed your MAP within a month or two of the scholarship application due date. For Fall 2006 scholarships, you must file (save) on or after Feb 1, 2006. 'Personally' helps us be sure you actually agree with what is in your map. Complete means that you are at worst three credits short of having a plan that will graduate you. More than that and we will not award you. See your advisor to get waivers and substitutions added into your map to eliminate your shortages.

The rest of this web page explains the process of awarding scholarships. This information is provided to encourage you and to help you develop your credentials so you maximize your future scholarships.

Scholarship Points

Starting with the Fall 2006 scholarship cycle, IS department scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis using a system of points to determine the winners.

Points are earned by your major GPA (grade point average) as well as other achievements that we have selected as worthy of scholarship recognition.

For students that have demonstrated a clear and positive track record, we will award all requested scholarships for the school year, Fall 2006 through Summer 2007, all at one time. For students 'close to the line' that have a promising record, we will award scholarships a semester at a time so we can target and reward students that are improving.

Basic Score

Your basic score is based on your grades in your major classes (deemed to be cs101, cs201, is110, is220, is240, is250, is280, is307, is330, is350, is351, is386, is389, math201, math221, acct201, acct203, econ200, econ201, busm242). We average these grades. Five core classes (cs201, is250, is280, is307, is350) are given double weight in the average because of their importance. We multiply your weighted major GPA by ten, giving us a number between 20 and 40.

Bonus Points

We add 1 point for each A or A- in one of those major classes. 0.5 point for each B+, B, or B- in one of those major classes. This rewards students who have completed more classes with excellence.

We add points for certifications or their related tests: 1 point each for passing A+(hw), A+(os), Network+, and Linux+, 2 points for RHCT, 4 points for RHCE, 3 points (under discussion) for CCNA, others to be determined.

For your score on the ISA exam, 1 point for 40 percent, 2 for 50, 3 for 60, 4 for 70, 5 for 80, and 6 for 90.

Point Aging

The IS scholarship committee has also agreed to an aging plan that will give more weight to more recent things, and less weight to things that happened several years ago, but I don't have the programming working on that yet, so I am not sure if it will take effect in April.

Thanks! Bro Colton, BYUH IS Chair