IS Schedule Forecast: 2006 Spring (revised 2006-01-24)

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Following is the CS/IS schedule for Spring 2006, subject to change. If the Registrar's schedule says something different, let me know so we can make the proper correction. Math 202 may be taught in Summer 2006.

a4cs101MWF 8-9
TTh 8-930
gcb140Michelle Solomans
a5cs201M-F 8-9
Tue 8-10
gcb150Don Colton
b4is240MWF 9-11gcb140Wei-Yu Su
b5ac365MWF 9-11gcb150...
c4is110MWF 11-1gcb140Bret Ellis
c4is178Wed 11-1gcb140Wei-Yu Su
c5is330MWF 11-1gcb150Randy Winters
c6is386MWF 11-1gcb143Tim Stanley
c7is351MWF 11-1gcb147Jonathan Miller
d4is100MWF 1-3gcb140Edna Owan
d5ac201MWF 1-3gcb150...
d6is389MWF 1-3gcb143Jonathan Miller
d7cs441MW. 1-3gcb147Don Colton
e5is330MWF 3-5gcb150Randy Winters
e7is220MWF 3-5gcb147Tim Stanley
g5is190Tue 12-2gcb150Edna Owan
g5is290Thu 12-2gcb150Edna Owan
h5is101TTh 2-3gcb140Edna Owan