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The purpose of this web page is to say a few things about MAPPER in the context of the BYUH Information Systems department.

The Purpose of MAPPER

The IS department is pleased to use MAPPER to improve the registration experience for all IS students, and to discover and avoid registration problems while there is time to solve them.

MAPPER helps us solve problems like these:

Each semester we combine the plans of the (currently) 187 students majoring in IS, and other students planning to take IS classes, so we offer the right number of classes, at the right times to avoid conflicts for as many students as possible.

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How to FILE

Sometimes there is confusion. A student will say: I did my MAPPER, and I saved it. Why are you saying I did not file my MAP?

When you press SAVE, you are keeping a copy for YOUR future use. To tell US your plans, you must FILE. First press SYNC and then FILE. The FILE button only appears on the screen right after you do a SYNC.

The reason for having a separate step is this. When you save, we do not know if your plan is complete, or if you are just considering alternatives. You can have several plans under development at the same time. You can think about what it would mean if you change majors, or have a double major. MAPPER is very useful for such thoughts. But we do not trust the plan as being REALLY YOURS until you press the FILE button. Before that, it is just something you saved.

It is similar to writing a document. On your computer, you can have a copy saved. But it is not official until you send it.

It is the same with MAPPER. Press FILE.

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Staying Up To Date

You may discover that your plans change. That is why we have "gone electronic." We are pleased to let you update your plans as often as you like. Your current plan is our best guide to the future.

All IS students should keep an up-to-date MAP on file.

We will remind you from time to time, especially as we are reaching an important deadline, so you can review your map and press FILE again. This lets us know it is still your plan.

If you are not able to create your full graduation plan, please make sure your plan for the next 12 months is kept up to date so we can use it in our planning.

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Help is Available

Our Academic Advisor, Ann Alisa, is ready, willing, and able to help you learn MAPPER and key in your plan. Ann's assistant may also be a skillful resource. Please visit them if you need any help.

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We hope the above information has convinced you that MAPPER is a good idea, and that you are willing to give us some help so we can best plan to meet your needs.

However, it is true that MAPPER is an actual REQUIREMENT of the IS department, and of the School of Computing. All students must use MAPPER to file their graduation plans.

If you are an IS major and you do not file a plan on MAPPER, eventually your ability to register will be restricted.

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On behalf of the IS department, thanks for being our student. Thanks for your contributions in class. Thanks for your future intentions to go into the world and be a benefit to your fellow man. Thanks for all you do, and for all you are. We are grateful to work with you.


Don Colton, Chairman, Information Systems, BYU Hawaii