Don Colton's Learning Management System

DCLMS, also known as DCQuiz, is used in Don Colton's classes and certain other classes to administer tests, publish grades, and perform other learning management services.

Go to DCLMS (DCQuiz).

Get the Guide to DCLMS (pdf). Part I is the student guide. Part II is the faculty guide.

Visit Professor Colton's BYUH Website.

Visit Don Colton's Personal Website.

DCLMS is still being actively developed, so new capabilities are possible. We invite users of DCLMS to contact the author, Don Colton, with bug reports, complaints, suggestions, and other helpful comments relating to DCLMS. See inside the guide for my email address.

Background Image: The picture is a portion of Bridal Veil Falls on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge. I took it 2007-08-13. For more pictures in that series, see here.

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