Teaching Strengths and Interests Questionnaire

Because the BYUH Computer Science deparment is relatively small (three faculty) and focuses strongly on teaching it is helpful for us to know where your strengths and interests are. This helps us better visualize your potential contribution to the department. Ideally your teaching assignments would be concentrated in the courses you rate highly (both ways), but could include certain hard-to-cover courses in your load. Please provide a list rating yourself (as you are today) on a course-by-course basis against the courses below.

Rate your ability to teach each course as one of:
  5    expert    I could teach professionals in this area.
  4   strong   I could work in this area professionally.
  3   good   I have skill equivalent to having recently taken a graduate class in this area.
  2   barely   This would be challenging but I think I could stay ahead of the students.
  1   none   It would take a major amount of preparation to teach this.
  0   fear   I am afraid of this area. I have psychological hurdles to overcome.

Rate your interest in teaching each course as one of:
  5    love   I might ignore other parts of my job because I like this area so much.
  4   like   I enjoy and look forward to thinking and working in this area.
  3   neutral    It doesn't matter to me whether I teach it or not.
  2   dislike   It doesn't excite me. I would rather do something else.
  1   hate   I will if you force me, but I might look for another job.
  0   refuse   I would flatly refuse to teach this course.

If you desire, you may use fractional ratings, such as 3.5 or 2.7, as you deem appropriate.

We plan to create one or more 400-level courses specifically tailored to the abilities and interests of particular faculty members. If you have an area of specialty or expertise that might be teachable in this way, please invent a title and description using the number 4XX and list it in your ratings.

Please review our curriculum and identify your ability and interest to teach each of these classes:

course   description
cs101Programming I (C)
cs201Programming II (Perl)
cs202Programming III (C++/OO)
cs210Computer Organization
cs301Algorithms and Complexity
cs320Computational Theory
cs333Software Engineering I
cs410Computer Architecture
cs415Operating Systems Design
cs420Programming Languages
cs421Algorithmic Languages and Compilers
cs433Software Engineering II
cs440Intelligent Systems
cs461Computer Graphics
ma201Discrete Math I
ma202Discrete Math II