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  Linux Essentials

BYUH Catalog Entry: IT 220. Linux Essentials (3) (F, W) Introduces fundamental Linux skills including login, file system, chmod, find, tar, gzip, shell, grep, uniq, nice, and tcp/ip networking. (Prerequisite: CIS 101.)

Course Syllabus and Major Resources

LMS: DCQuiz Learning Management System (Gradebook / Exams)

CourseSemesterSyllabusStudy Guide
IT 220 2010 Fall(Sep-Dec) Syllabus Study Guide
IT 220 2010 Winter(Jan-Apr) Syllabus Study Guide
IS 220 2006 Winter(Jan-Apr) Syllabus
IS 220 2005 Spring(May-Jun) no syl

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LCC: Linux Commands, Common (Memorization)

Downloads (for MS Windows):   ssh

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