EMACS is a venerable program editor. It has been around many years, and has many features. (Some say too many.) It is mainly useful for writing programs. Most of the commands are keystroke-based instead of relying on the mouse.

Install EMACS for MS Windows

Here is one way you can install EMACS on your Windows computer.

(1) Download emacs-21.3.zip for MS Windows (21M) to your desktop.
It is available on campus (fast download) at colton.byuh.edu.
It is available off campus (latest version) at gnu.org.

(2) Open the zip file. Inside you will find a folder named emacs-21.3.

(3) Open your "My Computer" and go to the C: drive.

(4) Copy the entire folder emacs-21.3 (2 above) to the C: drive (3 above). You have now installed EMACS.

(5) Cleanup: Close your "My Computer C: drive". Throw away the emacs-21.3.zip file.

Make EMACS your default editor for .txt files

(1) Create a new text file on your desktop. You can do this by right-clicking your screen and selecting "new >> text file" (your exact wording might be different).

(2) Right-click on your new file and select "open with >> browse"

(3) Browse to "c:\emacs-21.3\bin\emacs.exe"

(4) Select "Always use the selected program ..."

(5) Click on "okay"

You're done. From now on, whenever you double-click a .txt file, it will open in Emacs.