Moby Pronunciation Dictionary

Grady Ward developed the Moby Dictionary over a number of years, and with contributions from many sources. Its goal is to assist in artificial intelligence research and development. In 1996 he placed his work into the public domain. It is a remarkable tool.

In this directory, I have reproduced files from the Moby Pronunciation Dictionary (only one of several dictionaries in the Moby project).

The following documents are available.

Moby Dictionary Public Domain Release (1996, text, 1k)

CMU Dictionary 0.3 (1994, text, 3.1M, 110K lines)
CMU Phoneset list (text, 1k) as revised by Don Colton.
CMU to WorldBet translation (text, 1k) by Don Colton.

Moby Pronunciation Dictionary (1998, text, 5.3M, 177K lines)
Moby Phoneset list (text, 4k) as revised by Don Colton
Moby Dictionary discussion (text, 1k) by Don Colton