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  Algorithms and Complexity

BYUH Catalog Entry: CS 301. Algorithms and Complexity (3) (W) Algorithmic analysis, strategies and fundamental algorithms. (Prerequisites: CS 203 and CIS 206.)

Course Syllabus and Major Resources

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SemesterSyllabusStudy GuideEmails
2008 Winter(Jan-Apr) Syllabus Study Guide Emails
2007 Fall(Sep-Dec) Syllabus
2007 Winter(Jan-Apr) Syllabus
2006 Fall(Sep-Dec) Syllabus
2006 Winter(Jan-Apr) Syllabus
2005 Fall(Sep-Dec) Syllabus
2005 Winter(Jan-Apr) Syllabus
2004 Fall(Sep-Dec)
2004 Winter(Jan-Apr)
2003 Winter(Jan-Apr) Syllabus
2002 Fall(Sep-Dec) Syllabus CS 301
1999 Winter(Jan-Apr) Syllabus CS 312

icon QuizGen CS 301 Tests on Demand   QG

  ch.2QB1: BigOh Simple Loops   tutorial (4p)
  ch.2QB2: BigOh Logs, Roots   tutorial (4p)
  ch.4QB3: BigOh with Recurrance Relations
  ch.6QHP: Heapify / Priority Queues
  ch.7QQP: Quicksort Partition
  c.11QDH: Double Hash Probe Sequence
  c.12QBST: Binary Search Tree Insertion
  c.15QLCS: Longest Common Subsequence
  c.16QHuf: Huffman Coding
  c.23QMST: Minimum Spanning Tree

Sort Report

Sort Report Fall 2005 Instructions
Sort Report gettimeofday returns microsecond (1E-6) precision.
Sort Report Scott Mikolyski sample sort report (9 pages, PDF, 175k)
CF 1G Report Comparison of Flash Memory

Course-related puzzles (try them out!)

Web Sudoku

Winter 2006 (Don Colton)

Sample Midterm
Sample Final

Fall 2005 (Don Colton)

ACM Contest Winners, Nov 5 2005

Fall 2003 (Don Colton)

Sort Report Fall 2003 Instructions

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