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BYUH Catalog Entry: CS 320. Introduction to Computational Theory (3) (W) Finite state automata and regular expressions, context-free grammars and pushdown automata, Turing machines, computability and undecidability. (Prerequisites: CS 203 and CIS 206.)

Course Syllabus and Major Resources

LMS: DCQuiz Learning Management Systems (Gradebook / Exams)

2004 Winter(Jan-Apr)CS 320 Midt Final
2003 Winter(Jan-Apr)CS 320 Syllabus Midt Final
2002 Winter(Jan-Apr)CS 252 Syllabus Midt Final
2003 Regular Expression Pretest (2p pdf)

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QR1: Regular Expressions memorization   tutorial (4p)
QR2: Regular Expressions string matching

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