CS 201 QP1 Samples

Quiz on Precedence I

The topic of this quiz is precedence (order of operations) including plus, minus, times, divide, and remainder. The average time to complete this test is estimated at 20 minutes, assuming you studied for it.

The following samples are available. Each is a pdf file suitable for viewing or printing. Each is created in the same way as the actual test at the testing center. Students are advised to work through these sample quizzes until they feel sure enough to take the version at the testing center.

Version A

Version B

Version C

Version D

Version E

Version F

Version G

Version H

Version I

Version J

To use any of these samples, you must have Acrobat Reader installed. If you do not have it now, you can still download the sample above. To install Acrobat Reader, download it from Adobe.