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  Discrete Mathematics I

BYUH Catalog Entry: CIS 205. Discrete Mathematics I (3) (W, S) Functions, relations, and sets; basic logic; proof techniques basics of counting. (Prerequisites: CIS 101).

Course Syllabus and Major Resources

Text: Mathematical Structures for Computer Science
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What are CIS, CS, IS, and IT? (pdf)

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2014 Fall(Sep-Dec) Syllabus Study Guide
2014 Winter(Jan-Apr) Syllabus Study Guide
2013 Winter(Jan-Apr) Syllabus Study Guide
2012 Fall(Sep-Dec) Syllabus Study Guide

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S1   q41   Res: Formal Logic, Propositional Calculus Resolution
S2   q13   BO: Big Oh Analysis of Algorithms (Loops)   tutorial
S3   q31   Ct: Counting Combinations Permutations etc   tutorial
S4   q45   CP: Conditional Probability
S5   q36   BST: Binary Search Tree
S6   q35   Huf: Huffman Coding
S7   q18   MST: Minimum Spanning Tree

Text: Department Rental

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Title: Mathematical Structures for Computer Science
Sixth Edition, published July 7, 2006
by Judith L. Gersting
Publisher: W. H. Freeman & Co.
ISBN-10: 0-7167-6864-X
ISBN-13: 978-0716768647

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